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Ms Jangu Lepcha, is a very passionate person about the areas of operation.....passionate about the indigenous people, the culture and its uniqueness in terms of geographical location and its natural beauty.

To establish Jangu Adventures as the leading brand custodian of few selected areas and to showcase these areas through the eyes of a hospitality & tourism expert, ingrained & bred in these areas, as a major iconoclastic tourism destination



To focus on all those vehicles & platforms which would help bring about a metamorphosis in tourism infrastructure in the area, thereby helping to change the lives of indigenous people and bring about a maximum positive impact of development to the earmarked areas mentioned as mentored and guided by the expertise of Ms Jangu Lepcha

To deliver with passion the ultimate objective of promoting the development of these areas and thereby their cultural evolution through the platform of tourism and vehicle of Jangu Adventures


Key Notes :

Jangu Adventures showcase places never heard of before in tourism journals & shows life and locations in a different & unique light. This Travel outfit is based on the concept of Specialization of a particular area and Customising vacations / treks / Cultural Tour/ camping/ comfortable lodging etc in that area.

  • The vacation / trek will be made special and only one of its kind by the personal touch added by the founder of this travel outfit.
  • The USP of this travel outfit is the passion that the brand custodian of Jangu Adventures, Ms Jangu Lepcha has metamorphosed towards the areas specialised by this travel outfit.
  • She was born in Pedong, West Bngal to a very respected member of the Indigenous tribe, the Lepcha and was named after Dzongu, a Lepcha Tribe reserved in North Sikkim.
  • Ms Jangu Lepcha left a lucrative corporate job to dedicate herself to specializing in & understanding her tribe, The Lepchas and showcasing this vanishing tribe to the world as a truly unique initiative.
  • She is deeply involved in working for the upliftment of this tribe and travels deep into the villages & lives with them & helps them in its holistic development.
  • One of the cardinal objectives of floating Jangu Adventures was to build a sustainable model of eco tourism in these hidden villages, promoting a better understanding of healthcare and education & thereby uplifting the lives of simple village people.

Defying the easily consumable packaging theory of present day tourism, Jangu Adventures aims to showcase the unique lifestyle of an almost forgotten tribe, “The Lepcha”.



Dupden Lepcha is an expert in local fauna and Lepcha culture
  • All round services for hotels and Lepcha homestay bookings
  • Trained guides with knowledge of local history, culture and heritage
  • Professional trekking guides
  • Travel paraphernalia (trekking gears, tents, small and large vehicles etc.)

Jangu Adventures also organizes

Our Trekking Team At Sikkim
  • Christian Missionary Tours
  • Buddhist Cultural Tours
  • Photography tours and treks
  • Adventure treks
  • Office/College/School excursions
  • Special guides for VIP tours

Whether you are a lone traveler or a large group of vacationists, we provide customized arrangements suited to individual requirements.