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Jangu Adventure, being owned and operated by a Lepcha herself, specializes in Lepcha Cultural tours where the guests can experience first- hand the lifestyle, culture, fooding and tradition of the Lepchas. These tours are structured in a way where the guests could spend their day with the Lepchas and enjoy and experience every aspect of their life-style up close and personal.

Lepcha Village Tour : Taknaa

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Taknaa is a picturesque little village inhabited by Lepchas, cosily nestled amidst the green forests of the southern slopes of the Himalayas. Located 20 kms away from Kalimpong, the village of Taknaa gives an insight into the culture and heritage of the lives of the Lepchas. Taknaa is a Lepcha word, which means "to proceed quickly".

Taknaa village is located at an approximate elevation of 1400 ft.

At Taknaa, interact with and witness the daily activities of the Lepchas or Rongs, as they are commonly known, from a close quarter; get fascinated by the architecture of 300 years old earthquake resistant stone houses withstanding the test of time; enjoy seasonal Lepcha food prepared in traditional ways.

Damsang Fort

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The Damsang Fort, built more than 300 years ago, was the residence of the last Lepcha King,Gaebo Achyok. Historical facts and fictionalized realities from yesteryears embrace the ruins of the fort until this date, and seep through oral traditions, enriching the imagination for those with a penchant for Social History.

The Damsang Fort is located near Pedong, approximately 24 kms always from Kalimpong.

Pudung Farm House

A day hike to the Pudung farmhouse should be included in the itinerary of bird- watchers. Located 8kms away from the main town of Kalimpong, this farmhouse is the haven of more than 30 species of birds. Those who wish to get an experience of firsthand farm life, can walk down further to the Relli river and visit local poultry, piggeries and cattle rearing farms.

Arrangements for traditional Lepcha food at the farm can be organized.


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