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If Green can humble you, here it is. Even the air smells Green here at Pulungdung,
Poloongdong Lepcha Village Resort, Darjeeling

The Lepcha Community for the very first time, has successfully established a village for tourism in the beautiful Darjeeling Hill. “Poloongdong Lepcha Village Resort’’ is a community based Homestay Resort, comprising of cosy cottage accommodations to ensure a peasant & comfortable stay for our visiting guests.

A perfect destination to detoxify your mind, body & soul....” When the nature is respected and the development is done with a holistic vision, every place becomes a heaven. Always a pleasure to welcome people who value it. Look forward to support & encouragement from everyone who looks at the world beyond the obvious.

Poloongdong Lepcha Village Resort

Pulungdung Village

“Pulungdung” originates from the word “Poloongdong”, in the language of the natives, ‘The Lepcha’- the name means abundance of unending and undulating landscape of Bamboo Groves sprouting edible Bamboo Shoots. Picturesque village is nestled in a blissful place of peace and tranquillity barely 20 kilometres from Darjeeling Town and is Home to many rare & endangered animals, birds & plants.

One can stay at Pulungdung and enjoy the sightseeing of Darjeeling town, Mirik (28km) and Jore Pokhari which is 5 km from Pulungdung, is famous for Himalayan Salamander Wildlife sanctuary & the beautiful view of Mt. Kanchendzonga. Tiger Hill is about 22km and trekking from Pulungdung to Tiger Hill is also possible from this village, Maney Bhanjyang (10km), a small transit located at the gateway of Singalila National Park and a trailhead for the world famous trek to Sandakphu (3636m) which is aprox 42 Km ...A Trekkers Paradise...!!!

Pulungdung is a village of historic significance. General G. B. Mainwaring, who hails from an Aristocratic family of Cavenagh- Mainwaring from Whitemore in Staffordshire, had stationed himself in this village where he did most of his research and was assisted by his mentor a Lepcha Priestess by the name Mundeymem. A Legendary Scholar who compiled the Lepcha grammar and at a time when Lepchas had been facing extinction through British Colonisaton. He saved this community from ethnic indignity and the attribution of a dying race. He stationed himself in this village where he did most of his research and was assisted by his mentor a Lepcha priestess by the name Mun-dey-mem The remains of the ruined old house where he resided still exists in this village He was born in India on 18th of July 1825 & arrived at Darjeeling by the end of 1856.

Responsible Tourism

Responsible Tourism

The Pulungdung initiative therefore is not merely a money-spinner. The objective behind the enterprise is to engage the community, particularly womenfolk, in meaningful economic activity. Job creation is probably the biggest problem every government faces across the globe. Tourism is an answer to that riddle. Studded with natural beauty, Pulundung offers local youth to promote the village tourism concept and shift towards self-sufficiency.

Local Architecture encouraged to preserve the traditional knowledge of the lepchas, supporting conservation and protection of local Flora & Fauna including endangered species of the village like Salamander, Pangolin, and Otter, Serow (Tahr)etc and birds like Hill Partridge, Eurasian Woodcock, Great Barbat, Common Hoopoe etc and medicinal plants available in the village. The Pulundung initiative is therefore a targeted endeavour. You not just gain from your stay here; you also contribute to a community’s development.

Responsible Tourism

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